The town of Tivoli is 19 miles east of Rome; the ancient Romans called it Tibur. It was here in the second century that the Emperor Hadrian built his country seat: the Villa Adriana.

In the Renaissance, other villas were established at Tivoli, most famously the Villa d’Este, site of a famous garden featuring dramatic fountains. Thus Tivoli acquired a reputation for leisure and stylishness, and the name has since been taken by many resorts, gardens and places of entertainment.

The most famous is the large amusement park Tivoli Gardens in the centre of Copenhagen, opposite the railway station. First opened in 1843, it is still one of the most visited attractions in Europe.

This sequence cuts back and forth between pictures of the Villa Adriana, taken in September 1994, and Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen, from October 2018.


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