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Several publications can be purchased direct from this website:

The Café Royal book of A Royal Wedding in Newport, 2018: £6.50 unsigned / £10 signed

DVD copy of the film, Nat Pinkerton, 1981: £7.50

Catalogue of Contrariwise: Surrealism and Britain 1930-1986, Swansea, 1986: £5.00

Catalogue of Civitas, Southampton, 1989: £5.00

Artist’s book Sambo and Freud, Freud Museum, London, 1997: £5.00

Exhibition brochure: Caryatid, Oriel, Cardiff, 1998: £1.

To all prices will be added the cost of post and packaging. In the first instance, write to the above email, giving details of what you wish to purchase and where it is to be posted to. We will then give you an exact quotation before you place your order.

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