So Exotic, So Homemade

In 2007, I published my second book on the relationship between surrealism and documentary, this time focusing on the situation in England.

Individual chapters examined the 1930s work of Paul Nash, Eileen Agar, Roland Penrose and Humphrey Jennings. A chapter was devoted to the photography of ‘The North’ and another to the ‘Surrealism of the Blitz’.

Finally, the book also differed from City Gorged with Dreams in charting the influence of surrealism in postwar culture and photography. (The book’s title is, in fact, a quotation from Patrick Keiller’s 1994 film London.)

A list of chapter titles can be found here as well as a selection of reviews.

The book was published by Manchester University Press, but only in hardback. It is still in print and can be found at the MUP website:

Ian_Walker_So exotic so homemade