New & Forthcoming

In 2023, work has continued on several major projects.

The largest is a book-length study of the work of Frederick Sommer, which I am co-authoring with Hazel Donkin. It has been commissioned by Routledge, but will take another two or three years to complete.

My essay on ‘Ubu Animated’ is now with the editor Abigail Susik for her book on Surrealism and Animation. Signs are hopeful that it will soon be picked up by a major publisher. 

The slideshow The Chartists in Newport, a collection of old and new pictures showing the memorials in the city to the Chartist Uprising of 1839, has been installed on the Newport Rising website for the last year (see links here under ‘Visual Culture’ and ‘Photoworks’).

An updated and re-edited version is being shown at Newport Museum and Art Gallery as part of the exhibition ‘Representing the Rising’. It is on from October 14 2023 to January 13 2024.

The picture on the right was taken at the Chartist memorial outside St Woolos Cathedral on the evening of November 4 2021.