Acropolis Redux (2019)

In May-June 2019, I was invited by Jenifer Neils, the Director of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens to mount an exhibition in the new gallery that had been built onto their neo-classical Gennadius Library.

It was a wonderful opportunity to bring together the two works which spoke most directly to the legacy of Athenian classicism – Caryatid from the 1990s and the ongoing collection Frieze. A new dimension was added here by their juxtaposition, both with each other and with the context in which they were placed.

Below I have put together, first, a slideshow recording the exhibition and second, a commentary discussing the various aspects and how they came together.

In addition, I have added another small slideshow, presenting a sequence of images taken in 1990 in the Louvre, Paris. It depicts the Salle des cariatides added to the royal palace in the 1550s by architect Pierre Lescot and sculptor Jean Goujon.

Acropolis Redux slideshow

Acropolis Redux Commentary

Salle des Cariatides