Nat Pinkerton (1981)

The circumstances in which I came to make this film in 1981 are detailed in the statement below. It was a happy coming together of desire and resources, but, soon after, I became more interested in still photography and moved away from film-making, if not film-watching.

Two extracts from the film is included here – Extract 1 is the first three minutes or so and Extract 2 is from the middle of the film, when the Lieutenant goes home.

The 16mm film has now been copied on to DVD and, for anyone who wishes to see the whole film, this is available in two forms.

In 2014, Nat Pinkerton was included in a special issue of the journal Patricide, no. 7: ‘Surrinema: Beyond Cinema’. My thanks to Neil Coombs for hosting it there. It includes a lot of other fascinating material, both in text and on DVD, and can be ordered from Amazon for £10:

In addition, I have a limited number of copies of Nat Pinkerton on its own on a DVD, packaged with a statement and production information. This can be obtained direct from this website – see details under ‘Contact’.

Also below are a list of Credits, a Gallery of Stills and copies of Magritte’s original story in both the original French (1953) and an English translation by Suzi Gablik (1970).

2 Nat looks at the apple