Postcard Views

In 1982, David Briers, the Exhibitions Curator at Chapter in Cardiff, invited me to organise an exhibition entitled Postcard Views, centred on a survey of then contemporary postcards and their use by artists.

The first slideshow here consists of a range of different images relating to the show, including a number of installation shots. After Chapter, the exhibition toured to Watershed in Bristol, Stevenage Leisure Centre, Aberystwyth Arts Centre and Newcastle Media Workshops.

There then follow three texts, each looking at a different aspect of the subject. The first, ‘After Nature: Postcards and Landscape’, was printed in a small brochure to accompany a box set of selected postcards produced by Chapter.

The second text, ‘Why Postcards Matter to Photography’ was published in Creative Camera in October, 1983. It was not so much an essay as a montage of texts and images. I had two regrets: one was that it was in black and white and the other that it was poorly laid out.

The third article, ‘Art Through Your Letterbox’, was written in 1985 for the magazine Preview, published by Arnolfini in Bristol, as an examination of the then popular vogue for artist’s postcards. The image accompanying it is ‘Wish You Were Here’ by George Blair.

The photograph on this page was taken at Tintern Abbey in 1982. It was NOT staged.

POSTCARDS Tintern Abbey photo