American Details

The USA is, of course, a big country and a European eye cannot but be awed by its size and space. But, on my visits there, I have also found myself looking at small things, details, which say just as much about the ambivalent feelings we have about this place.

The three parts of this work were made at different times, in different parts of the USA. The pictures in Part One were taken on a tour of north-eastern and mid west cities in the winter of 1980. Part Two came out of several visits to the southwestern desert in the 1990s. The photos in Part Three were taken in a much smaller area: a suburb of San Jose, California, between 2008 and the present.

The pictures also reflect changing times and it is appropriate that Part One was shot on 35mm black and white film (Ilford HP5), Part Two on 35mm colour film (Kodacolor 200) and Part Three using a small digital camera (a Canon Ixus).