23 minutes, 16mm, black and white, 1981
Written and Directed by Ian Walker
Based on a story by René Magritte

Nat Pinkerton: Terry Setch
The Lieutenant: Gary Phillips
Nat’s Wife: Erika Millman
Nat’s Mother-in-Law: Ialeen Gibson-Cowan
The Man: Sean Kelly
The Woman: Mary Kelly
Second Woman: Laurie McFadden
People in park: Sue Beardmore, David Briers, Anne Davies and Jon Turner
Men playing cards: Paul Beauchamp. Harry Holland

Camera: Roland Denning.
Sound: Patrick Graham.
Rostrum Camera: Henry Lutman
Production Assistants: Andy Cole, Jackie Smith, Tim Thornicroft
Sets constructed by Sean Kelly and painted by Liz Toll
Prints by Filmatic

Music by Artie Shaw and his Orchestra.

Made with the support of Chapter Film Workshop
Financed by a grant from the Welsh Arts Council

Special thanks to Mme Georgette Magritte for granting permission for this film to be made of her husband’s story.